HUMP EP.011: Rev. Brent Wright “Ministry to People in the Margin”

Rev. Brent Wrigth

Rev. Brent Wright

In Episode 011 of the Hoosier United Methodist Podcast Dr. Brad Miller has a fascinating discussion with, an advocate for people in the margins of society, Rev. Brent Wright, pastor of the Broad Ripple United Methodist Church in Indianapolis.  Brent has made his voice known as advocate for people in the LGBT community.  This has taken the form of writing articles in blogs and publications supporting the rights of same gender couples to marry and taking a stand in opposition to the efforts of some Indiana legislators and the Governor to pass the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) which he contended would have given license for discrimination against LGBT folks.  Wright talks with Brad about modeling his actions after how Jesus related to people in the margins of society.  In particular Brent speaks to the power of developing personal relationships in relating to the local church and the community on this issue and how to approach sensitive issues in the local church.  Indeed, one of the highlights of the conversation is a story about one man named Roger for whom the church touched deeply through a personal approach.  Brent also speaks about life and ministry in an eclectic community like Broad Ripple and his unique spiritual discipline of flying.  Go to the show notes at www.hoosierunitedmethodist.com for more details and links to Brent Wright’s writing.

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Article: Resilience After RFRA

Article in www.umc.org “Reaction continues on Indiana religious freedom law”
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