HUMP EP.012: Charlie Rownd-“Protecting Your Church”

Charlie Rownd, Central District Associate Superintindent

Charlie Rownd, Central District Associate Superintendent

HUMP#012: Charlie Rownd-“Protecting Your Church”

In this episode of the Hoosier United Methodist podcast Dr. Brad Miller has a fascinating conversation with Charlie Rownd Associate Superintendent of the Central District. In a former life Charlie was an FBI agent and now works as part of the security team for the National Football League Indianapolis Colts. In addition Charlie works diligently for the Central District and the Indiana conference in matters of church security both legally and financially. He has traveled throughout the state consulting with churches who have found themselves challenged by legal and financial matters which at times have been quite complex and daunting issues for local churches to deal with. Charlie has been a great resource to sort out the complexities that churches face as they seek to be protect themselves as they seek to do ministry in their communities. Charlie gives a lot of practical tips and strategies, in this conversation with Pastor Brad, that are extremely helpful to local church leaders and even assures us that there really is no Nigerian Prince sending emails promising millions of dollars to our church members. This is an important interview to listen to for every person who cares about the legal and financial security of their local church.

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