HUMP EP.015:Darren Cushman Wood-“The Secret Transcript of the Council of Bishops”

Rev. Darren Cushman Wood

Rev. Darren Cushman Wood

In Episode #015 of the Hoosier United Methodist podcast Dr. Brad Miller has an in depth conversation with Rev. Darren Cushman Wood, Senior Pastor of the North United Methodist Church in Indianapolis. Darren is the author of a new book “The Secret Transcript of the Council of Bishops: A Dialogue on Homosexuality and Church Unity.” Brad and Darren go deep on the topic of unity and division in the church and Darren’s study of a Wesleyan approach to understanding and dealing with matters of division and unity in the church. Darren is a delegate to jurisdictional conference and a past delegate to general conference and has strong views in regards to a dialogue on homosexuality in church unity even as it relates to the mission of the church. Darren and Brad talk about these matters which face the church at General Conference 2016 his unique approach to addressing the matters of the church through his fictional account in his book of the Council of Bishops debating matters of church unity. Darren also speaks about the ministry at North United Methodist Church including the choice of that congregation to become a part of the reconciling network of churches. Darren also talks about the election of bishops and expectations he has about that process. It’s a fascinating conversation that Brad and Darren have on matters vital to the future the church moving forward here on the Hoosier United Methodist podcast.

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