HUMP EP.018: Josie Clark – Indiana Conference Youth Ministry President

Josie Clark

HUMP#018: Josie Clark – Indiana Conference Youth Ministry President The mission of the Hoosier United Methodist Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller is strengthening the connection in the United Methodist Church to achieve the goal of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. In episode 018 of the Hoosier United Methodist podcast the focus is youth ministry as Brad talks with Indiana youth ministry president Josie Clark. Josie graduated from Dyer (Indiana) High School in 2016 and is a member of the Dyer United Methodist Church she got active in Indiana conference youth and rose to become president. In episode 018 of the United Methodist podcasts Josie shares about the importance of youth ministry to faith formation among young people and the sharing of faith to others. She is a great example of this herself as she shares, in the interview with Brad, about her call to go to Honduras and study to become a missionary nurse. Josie shares about some of the programs that Indiana conference youth are involved with to strengthen faith and support local church youth ministry programming. These include the program “Youth TransforMission” and the “Bishops Student Leadership Academy.” She and other Indiana conference youth have been involved with mission projects including leading Vacation Bible School and building homes for Habitat for Humanity. Josie talks about the “ripple effect” of changing the world for Jesus Christ through influencing youth who influence other youth and how that influence multiplies. This interview with Josie Clark and Brad Miller exemplifies the importance of young people and youth ministry as vital to the health and vitality of strong local United Methodist churches in Indiana as a present reality not limited to a distant hope for the future. Josie encourages pastors and churches to believe and encourage the youth of their churches and do not judge them as all are part of God’s plan. Episode 018 of the Hoosier United Methodist podcast is sponsored by the book “Meet the Good People” by Rev. Dr. Roger Ross and is supportive of Mission Guatemala under the direction of Rev. Tom Heaton.
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