HUMP EP.026: Kate Biggs-“Care and Support for Clergy Spouses”

kate Biggs

HUMP#026: Kate Biggs-“Care and Support for Clergy Spouses” The mission of the Hoosier United Methodist Podcast is Strengthening the Connection in the United Methodist Church in Indiana for the purpose of achieving the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World. In Episode #026 Dr Brad Miller has an enlightening conversation with Kate Biggs from “Thrive” which is an organization which provides care and support for clergy spouses. Kate talks to Brad about how many clergy spouses feel like they live lives in a fishbowl with pressures and challenges unique to their situation. Thrive provides an organization to empower clergy spouses through a network of like-minded people with common sets of experiences in the clergy household. Kate explains how Thrive though retreats and a Facebook page connects clergy spouses one to another and provides a safe place to process personal issues such as moving to new communities, making friends in congregations and raising children. Kate shares with Brad powerful advice to clergy spouses entering the ministry lifestyle and shares how she and her family take opportunity to enjoy life as a clergy family. Episode 026 of the United Methodist Podcast is a great resource which brings to light the vital, and often neglected, role that clergy spouses play in strengthening United Methodist Churches in Indiana. Kate Biggs lives in Fairland, Indiana where her husband Ben Biggs is the pastor of the New Life United Methodist Church.

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